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  • Alexei Garber, Experimental Studies of Randomizing Polynomials. Currently at Intel.

  • Yoni Moses, Locally Computable Hash Functions. Currently at Fireblocks.

  • Eyal Widder, PRFs Secure against Additive Related-Key Attacks. Currently at Amazon Web Services.

  • Liron David, (co-advised with Guy Even), Deterministic Rateless Codes for BSC. Currently postdoc at Weizmann 

  • Yonatan Avron, Arithmetic Cryptography. Winner of "Istra Research" Excellence Award.

  • Lior Zichron, Locally Computable Arithmetic PRGs. Founder of Oasis Capital Israel.

  • Barak Arkis, Conditional Disclosure of Secrets and d-Uniform Secret Sharing, graduated with excellence. Currently Security Researcher at undisclosed.

  • Oded Nir, (MSc), Better Secret Sharing for General Access Structures”. Graduated with excellence.

  • Eyal Golombek, The Randomness Complexity of Statistical Zero-Knowledge. Currently R&D Team Lead at Dazz (Computer and Network Security).

  • Or Karni, MSc dissertation, title: “Quadratic Multiparty Randomized Encodings Beyond Honest Majority and Their Applications”. Currently Software Engineer at Chain Reaction accelerating blockchain and privacy preserving technologies


  • Eliran Kachlon, PhD (direct track), Topics in the Complexity of Cryptography. Winner of Weinstein Graduate Studies Prize and the Second Place Feder family award for best student work in communication technology.

  • Oded Nir, PhD. The Complexity of Secret Sharing.

  • Niv Konstantini (MSc), Maliciously-Secure Arithmetic Computation with Constant Computational Overhead.

Postdocs and Research Associates

  • Danny Vilenchik (2012-13), research assistant, currently a member of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at BGU.

  • Chris Brzuska (2012-14), postdoc, co-hosted with Iftach Haitner, currently assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science, Aalto University in Finland.

  • Gilad Tsur (2013-14), postdoc, co-hosted with Shai Avidan, currently staff applied scientist at Quantcast.

  • Pavel Raykov (2014-15), postdoc, currently senior software engineer at Google, Zurich.

  • Zvika Brakerski (2015-17), research assistant, currently professor, CS, Weizmann.

  • Manoj Mishra (2016-18), Postdoc, currently professor, CS and Engineering department at IIT Roorkee

  • Oded Nir (2020), Research Assistant.

  • Naty Peter (2020-21), Postdoc, currently postdoc at Georgetown University.

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